Monday, March 18, 2013

Jack and his eczema story.

Can it really be almost a year since I have blogged? Clearly I have been lazy, but lets face it I am a very sporadic blogger at best.

Since the last post we have welcomed another beautiful boy in to our family, Jack William. Unfortunately Jack has incredibly severe eczema, and last month was hospitalised for a week. It was horrible seeing him in such distress and I had no idea what to do as it just seemed to appear out of nowhere. He was healthy with beautiful skin and then around Christmas time I noticed some flakey skin around the lobe of his ear, a few days later his ear canal was filled with thick, white, pus type stuff ... I took him to the GP and it was incorrectly diagnosed as having a inner ear infection and was given 2 courses of Amoxcyllin which now, after research, I believe to have worsened his condition. Of course the antibiotics didn't clear it up and his problems worsened and i was back and forth to several GP's looking for answers. He broke out in little red spots, his ears were constantly gunky and eventually he became so bad that he would not sleep and was inconsolable. I took him to the emergency room at the hospital and he was admitted and we stayed there for just over a week.

The peadeatritcian prescribed steroid creams and oral steroids which we did apply and give him, these only seemed to give a little bit of relief and only slightly cleared him up. They did blood tests which mainly turned up clear apart from his allergy indicators were incredibly high. They couldn't however, tell me what it was that he is allergic to and therefore have given me a referral to see an allergist (which I can't get in to see until June 6th - but that's another story). Jack was also taken off the formula he was on - S26 Gold and is now on neocate which is an amino based formula.

Once home from the hospital I was a mama on a mission. I replaced our washing detergent with a washing ball and this week I am going to order a sample bag of soap nuts and see how I go with them. I have replaced our dishwashing detergent, our surface cleaner and lots more. It is a slow process of eliminating chemicals but I'm sure it will make a difference in the end. I also removed synthetic materials from Jack's room, his clothing, his bedding and some of his toys and only use cotton or organic cotton for him.
As for Jack's prescribed creams I am trying not to use these too often and now thanks to Megan from This Whole Family I have some new leads and things to try and I am so excited to start, I am praying they work.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


This Easter we spent down at Golden Beach... relaxing, eating, laughing. It was lovely to be there but it is always lovely to come home too.

The chilly weather we have been having is a nice change and ushering us indoors, it is also making me think about the coming Winter and some changes I would like to make to create a bit more coziness in our home.
Speaking of seasons I would also like to say that this Spring we will have another addition to the family, a new little brother or sister for Harper.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter with family and friends


Monday, January 23, 2012

Fur children.

Our little kitten Taco went missing Saturday, we looked high and low for him, we drove around calling out for him and posted signs all around town yet no-one had seen him and we couldn't find him anywhere. I was very worried as he is such a tiny thing for a 5 month old kitten and he had never been anywhere but our yard and didn't know how he would cope by himself especially in the hot weather we had yesterday. Last night Derek went out again looking for him but didn't find him, he did however find a Cockatoo that had an injured leg which he brought home and has taken to the vet today. After dealing with the cockatoo he decided to try again to find Taco, this time on the bike with a flashlight and after an hour or so he came home with little Taco, I was so relieved and happy to see him. Taco is okay, he does have a slight limp but apart from that he is well. Gotta love a happy ending.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the garden

Not much has been happening in our garden of late. The weather has been hot and cold (literally) so today, being a very hot day, was spent not in our garden but in Mum and Dad's. My Mum's birthday was last week and she received some planter boxes, so this morning I helped her plant some zucchini, lettuce, leeks, broccoli and chili... I just hope she looks after them (she has a tendency to let things dry out).

The only time I spent in my garden today was this evening, giving our plants a good drink. Luckily most of our plants are natives so they don't mind the drier days.

                                                 Harper "Makin' the chicken house"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things at work lately have been getting me down and really upset, so upset that the other day I came home in tears... I wont go in to the details here but what I will say is that I refuse to let it bring me down anymore!  People will try to take away your happiness because they are unhappy themselves, I refuse to let anyone take away my joy. I have a beautiful son, a loving partner and a happy home, good friends and a loving supportive family, they are all that matters at the end of the day. Oh and I also believe in Karma ;)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

bits and pieces from the garden.

I've decided (very suddenly) that this year I will have weekly posts/updates about the happenings in our garden. Derek and I both come from horticulture backgrounds. I work in a plant nursery 3 days a week and have been at this particular nursery for about 6 months doing mostly outside work, prior to this I had been at a different nursery for around 4 years working outside but mostly I was at the reception desk. Derek works in Environmental services and before that he was a manager of the same nursery I worked in (where we met) and had been there about 6 years.

Derek and I both have a love for gardening and we have just bought our first house on a 1/4 of an acre and now have a completely blank canvas for gardening with. We also aim to live more sustainably and produce most of our own vegetables, fruit and eggs... We have planted mostly natives to encourage birds, insects and other wildlife etc but we so also have a few different cottage type plants. There is only one bed done at the moment as it is a loooong process getting it all done.

This is the cubby house we bought second hand for $100, this is it's "before stage" we will be doing lots of fixing up (aesthetically) structurally there isn't too much that needs doing. 
Gingko on the left and a standard lace lady on the right. 

Derek putting up the chicken coop, we still need to build a run before we get some baby chicks :) 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Misty vs Spider

At 4:30 (ish) this morning I was awoken to the sounds of Harper crying, so up I got and fumbled my way to his room. He had lost his dummy and I knew he wouldn't go back to sleep without it, so there I was on hands and knees looking for it, after what seemed like forever I found it and went to go back to bed. On my way back to bed I realised I had to go to the loo, as you do early in the morning, so I went in, sat down and looked up and there on the wall was a big ugly huntsman spider. I'm not a fan of spiders but if it were a  small one I would have been okay to let it live but there is no way I could just leave a huntsman in my toilet, plerk. So I got up and flew out of there as fast as I could and began hunting down some bug spray but of course it was nowhere to be found, all I could find insect repellant. Back I went armed with my insect repellant and a thong and began to spray the poor huntsman to suffer a slow death... I know it is a bit cruel but I really hate those things and of course Derek refused to get up and get rid of it, he told me he had seen it there the day earlier! And he just left it there.... Anyway an end to this long silly story, the spider died and in the moment I thought I had won... but it took me about 40 minutes of searching, spraying, ducking and shrieking and by the time I went back to bed it was just past 5am, where it took me another half hour to fall back asleep only to be woken up by Harper at 6. Spider 1 Misty 0.